About me.

I strive for exciting projects. For redefinition of standardness and mediocrity. For bold ideas. 
Contact me at hello@visign.pl

What I do?

Photography production
Film production
Retouch&Color Grading
Marketing advisory


2018 1st place in Autumn DJI ARS  Contest
2018 1st place in Flyandfilm.pl  Contest
2019 Accolade in #MiastoWChmurze  contest run by Microsoft and Spider's Web
2019 3rd place in Autumn DJI ARS Contest


Opracujmy odważny koncept.

E-mail hello@visign.pl | andrzej@visign.pl
Telefon +48 787059764
Adres 32-700 Bochnia, Wygoda 137a, Polska

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